New Shimano XTR 12 Speed

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New Shimano XTR 12 Speed

New Shimano XTR 12 Speed

Posted by KTM Bike Industries North America on Oct 17th 2018

The long-awaited 1x12 XTR drivetrain from Shimano is here with no shortage of features. Here's a quick summary of some of the highlights (for full specs, visit

One of the biggest things that sets this system apart from other drivetrains is the amount of gearing options riders have with it. Rather than only being able to change the front chain ring size, the new XTR has four different setups:

1. 1x12 drivetrain with Wide Range 10-51T cassette

2. 1x12 drivetrain with Rhythm Step 10-45T cassette

3. 2x12 drivetrain with 10-45T cassette for wide range AND ideal gear steps

4. 1x11 lightweight drivetrain with 10-45T cassette 

The completely redesigned cassette is built with titanium, aluminum, and steel materials. The strategic use of each allows for weight savings where possible and strength/rigidity where necessary. It also features the new technology HYPERGLIDE+, which provides faster and smoother shipping by guiding the chain up and down the cogs. 

The chain and chainring have also been fine tuned to reduce play, vibration, and noise while increasing power transfer and efficiency. By extending and tapering the edge of the inner chain plates, it fits perfectly on the teeth of the chainring.

The crank continues to feature Shimano's classic HOLLOWTECH design but with some upgrades. These include a new direct mount chain ring design which makes swapping rings a breeze. Further, cranks can be easily swapped between single and double chainring setups.

One of the highest-praised XTR components over the years has been their brakes. The new XTR continues to feature their famous 2-piston XC brakes, but the most exciting thing has been the launch of the new 4-piston enduro-specific brake system. This new design features the same brake power rating as Shimano Saint (BR-M8020) brakes but increases modulation for more control and better lever-feel. 

The new XTR also includes improvements to shifters, derailleurs, hubs, and pedals. Check out the full story by HERE.